The Business World’s #1 Team Sport

Posted by Douglas W. Richardson on Sep 18, 2018 11:13:20 AM


Team Sport

There are an infinite number of comparisons that can be drawn between Business and Sports. Regardless of the name or objective of the game everyone strives to win. The parallels between team sports and business run deep. Everyone must understand and do their jobs to achieve victory.

How your company or team harnesses technology today and in the future will play a larger role in determining the winners or losers even though it's still ultimately a human driven process that makes the true difference in who racks up the most points, sales or brand loyal customers.

The Playing Field of the World Wide Web is vast and requires many different skill-sets to compete and build a large fan base. A business starting its Digital Transformation is much like going through a pre-season Training Camp. Each Team’s Playbook must be written, learned and committed to muscle memory by all the players and coaches.

The term “Firing on all Cylinders” probably came from Auto Racing. A sport where technology has been advancing the competition since its inception. The term is also a good way to think about how important it is for your entire organization to understand why your on-track or online performance requires a lot of behind the scenes research, development, planning and testing or your company’s Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience will run back-of-the-back or worse drop out the race completely.

Several years ago I started describing the need for organizations to employ an Ecosystem approach to fielding their Online Presence. The ingredients include Strategy, People, Process and Technologies to produce consistent winning results. This is true for all Businesses regardless of how your Products and Services are researched online and ultimately purchased offline, or, at the complete other end of the spectrum how they can be found and sold by a single voice search on Alexa while your driving down the road on the way to work.Team Priority's

More and more I like to think about the services of my own company MORE Online NOW LLC as a Training Camp for Businesses looking to advance their Online Capabilities. There is so much to learn and know about how new technologies are affecting the Marketing and Sales process across all types of Industries. Very few organizations have the internal know-how and extra bandwidth to field a championship winning team this year, next year or in the years to come as the technological sophistication bar raises.

I can quote stats for you until I am purple in the face, but know that by 2020, less than 500 days away, the number of Internet Connected devices in use worldwide that is already estimated to be up 30 percent from 6.4 billion devices with an I.P. address in 2016, will grow by more than three times to nearly 21 billion Connected Devices in the year 2020. (Gartner)

Facts like this are the reason Digital Transformation of your organization’s Strategy, People, Process and Technologies has become the Business World’s number One and probably most valuable Team Sport when performed correctly.

"The rewards of Digital Transformation like Team Sports do not occur overnight. Most first phase initiatives last between eighteen and twenty-four months."

My recommendation is too start thinking more like a professional sports team owner... How today within your organization can you start enabling the processes to find out what it is going to take to win both on and offline in the future for your business? What elements and talents will you need to draft for this hyper-connected data-driven “Moneyball”-esche playing field to compete for your customer’s attention and gain a loyal fan support before, during and after the sale of your products and/or services?

In short, what’s your Team's Game-plan?


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