The 2020 S.W.O.T. – Digital Transformation or Complacency?

Posted by Douglas W. Richardson on Nov 28, 2018 12:36:02 PM



This month’s blog is about how to be a leader, not a follower, spectator or victim in this hyper-active digital age we are entering.

By now its pretty clear that we are in the midst of technological revolution. Unless you have plans to live completely off the grid, the Information age is a game-changer for just about every aspect of your life. Even with all the advantages this tidal-wave of technology offers us this has been a year where a few warts have started to rear their ugly head within the global digital ecosystem.

How the good and bad of Technology-based innovations affects you is as unique as your own DNA. I believe that anyone or business that stays on the slide-lines as a spectator or as just a passive user of innovations like Search Engines and their increasing use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is setting themselves up for a risky future and/or poor business strategy at best.

Your Personal and Business Technological Ecosystem are becoming more and more a necessity. As a case in point for relevancy vs. irrelevancy, when is the last time you heard someone say… "Let Your Fingers Do the Walking"? Google’s Search Engine, the De facto replacement for the Yellow Pages now searches 30 trillion web pages, 100 billion times a month! (

However you choose to define Value, just an average website, weak online presence and/or digital complacency in business is rapidly becoming a path to economic irrelevance on many fore-fronts. In my line of work as an Online Marketer, I literally have dreams (and a few nightmares) about the importance of the quality, effectiveness and reach of the Online Domains I currently manage.

You can no longer simply say “Do this” or “Let’s Spend this amount a month” and be guaranteed to find and influence the decisions and actions of your target audience(s). There are too many other signals of information competing with your message on their screens, inboxes or social media walls. Yes, I know you have heard or read this before, but now is the best time to start making plans to become actively involved in understanding and applying these emerging advanced Online technologies to protect and further advance your own goals in life and business. Its only going to get more crowded, complex and competitive online.

For many months I have been pondering how I can do a better job of visualizing this Online Success formula that I use for helping friends and clients for becoming More Online Now. Hopefully you will learn and gain from my new way to simplify my and your way of thinking about and managing this inherently complex topic of Digital Transformation for Marketing, Sales and Great Customer Experiences.

So here we go…
I am of the school of thought that reaching any goals for being More Online Now needs to be accomplished in multifaceted layers of Planning, Development, Implementation and Optimization stages with a pre-established list of evaluation criteria to measure progress, success or failure. Its all about making a meaningful contribution to the overall effectiveness of your own Digital and Internet Connected Ecosystem.

This methodology works for establishing (or upgrading) any of the well-known channels or components of your online presence, including, a Blog, a Website, a YouTube Channel and/or a Sales Lead Generation Machine like MORE Online NOW offers to its clients with Marketing Automation and a CRM.

Where most Online initiatives stumble, or fail is something I am now calling the Digital Opportunity Overload or Doo. Yes, I know there is plenty of room for jokes with an acronym like Doo, but it does get the point across. Doo happens quite simply because there are so many moving parts to any Online Ecosystem to consider and address. It’s a lot to wrap your head around. It’s like learning the reproducible logic to solve a Rubik’s Cube. You must be working on a multitude of fronts simultaneously or you will lose momentum. The majority of organizations still lack a cross-functional Digital Mindset to accomplish this type of planning and implementation Online.

Even something that appears simple on the surface like starting a new monthly Blog, requires more than a dozen steps involving people, process, strategies and multiple technologies to become successful in today’s hyper competitive battle for attention and engagement online. This Digital Mindset and know-how all tie back to my earlier statement about a just average, weak or complacent online presence will not produce results any longer as the competition online advances and grows exponentially in 2019, 2020 and beyond.

So to help you consider how best to advance the current state of your own Digital and Online presence, I am going to go a bit “Old School” on you for a moment. The origins of the SWOT analysis technique is attributed to Professor Albert Humphrey, who led a research project at Stanford University in the 1960s and 1970s. The goal was to identify why corporate planning initiatives failed.

MORE Online NOW’s Digital SWOT Analysis is a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats score card. Think of it as an X-Ray or Microscope for evaluating just about anything you are doing or planning Online…

Digital SWOT for Becomming More Online Now

As I am writing this Blog post to introduce this new simplified process for measuring the quality of your Online Presence, or even to some degree your own readiness for leading a Digital Transformation, we are exactly 400 days from the start of a new decade.

The 20s’ will be a decade we can barely imagine the many exponentially more powerful additions to how technology influences all aspects of our lives.  How will Voice Search and Commands influence eCommerce, Smart Phones and Browsing the Web?  I don’t know; but I think we can all agree based on what we have already seen and know our connection to computers and the Internet will be at the core of just about everything that we do to learn, travel, communicate and conduct business in the future.   

In closing I would love to hear your thoughts, comments  or questions on the Digital SWOT Analysis? 

Please get in touch with me if you are interested in furthering you own Digital Transformation.  

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