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Posted by Douglas W. Richardson on Apr 3, 2018 4:06:26 PM
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If you sell a product or service online, the internet is more than likely playing a role in how you acquire leads and generate sales.

The internet over the past 25 years has added an entirely new channel for marketing and communications. The levels of knowledge needed to get the most from being online as a business varies greatly. There are also important segments of this digital know-how that seems to change and/or advance on an almost daily basis.

On the most basic level we all understand how the Internet works. We upload and download data and it shows up on our devices using keyboards, touch screens and now more and more by just our voices. We also know that more and more commerce is being transacted online. From there things start to get a little more cloudy (no pun intended), how do Google Ads follow you around the web when you have searched for something months earlier like “Mortgage Rates.” It's called retargeting, by the way.

It's fascinating how you can utilize marketing strategies and technologies like retargeting to work for you to convert the 98% of first time visitors to your website or Facebook page who leave without making purchase into paying customers days, months or even years later.

In fact, you can lift your web traffic lead conversion rates by over 400% according to Google employing retargeting as a marketing tactic.

For me as an experienced marketer, it's imperative that I learn and utilize the skill-sets to be an effective Digital Marketer. I am blown away by how few people really know how to build and manage an online presence across the essential channels that currently include Search, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social, Content and Email. The information to-do this is readily available, but it takes thousands of hours to get fully up-to-speed on how to fly this high-tech plane, so to speak.

To help in this effort we have written a guide to help you create a lead generation machine – "Marketing Sales & the Customer Experience: A Spec-Sheet for Creating Success."

I don’t have a crystal ball, but it is pretty clear to me that if your working in a business this knowledge to be found and engaged online with your target audiences is going to become increasingly important. Being “More Online Now” is my way to describe the overall paradigm shift we are seeing in our lives due to Internet related technologies. As we have seen recently it can be both fascinating and scary at the same time. You may have read that Jeff Bezos quit his job to start because he did not want to miss out on “the biggest opportunity of his lifetime.” We all know how that is working out for him.

I love the mix of science, creativity, design and technology that this quest to be More Online Now requires. I have learned a lot through my own years of success and failures with technology-driven marketing, sales, and social media. It takes gumption to effectively design, build, manage and optimize your online presence.

The good news is that all the hard work pays off and the upside far outweighs the risks if you follow well documented best practices of digital marketing. The MarTech companies like Google, Facebook, and my personal favorite HubSpot, employ thousands of staff members who are there to help you become successful and meet your goals for investing time and money to be online.

Now is the time to know MORE than your competitors.

More about your customers,
More about your markets.
And more about this digital technology.
Knowing more should be a goal this year, next year and beyond for your business team.

The path to be found online is getting more crowded each year and the tool-box of technologies you are going to need to include in your “Marketing Stack” to become a master of your digital domain is rapidly increasing.

Chinese eCommerce companies have already surpassed all U.S. based websites, including Amazon globally, to become the world's largest online market with total sales of $4.886 trillion, compared with $4.823 trillion at the end of 2016. Websites focused on the North American and EU B2B and B2C markets from these Chinese eCommerce companies will be a rapidly growing trend by the end of this decade. So now, more than ever, is the time to establish and grow your authority, rank and engagement levels online through a well conceived and managed digital ecosystem.

I am asking you to take a moment to visit our website so that we can help you to start taking an inventory of your own organization's online presence. Be sure to subscribe to this blog too!

This is the best starting point I know to begin advancing your digital-first capabilities.

Think about the people, processes, strategies, tactics and technologies you have and could have in place a year from now. If your interested in learning more, we offer you 4 hours of our time to get to know your business needs, and discuss the framework and the processes for advancing a well structured marketing, sales and customer experience ecosystem to you.

Like any good online marketer, we have created many available options to get in touch with us through the new website and blog.

I am More Online Now and you should be too!!

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