Is Your Website Superficial?

Posted by Douglas W. Richardson on Aug 24, 2018 5:55:00 AM


Superficial shutterstock_383318557Yep, it’s that time of year again for a wake-up call for your organization’s Online Presence.  Is it captivating the minds of your target audiences or not? (see above) What have you added in 2018 that is resonating with your customers and in turn supporting the growth of your business model? Will your CFO support your data?  I am not writing this Blog to criticize any company's website, but help you realize some of the potential that you are more than likely missing out on.

Beauty and Brains

Superficial Websites produce Superficial Results. We have all seen them. Beauty and Brains is the least complicated way I can think of to describe what an organization should be striving for with your brand’s Online Presence. Great Design is the Beauty and Content and the Marketing Technologies, which are now smarter than any sales force you could field are the Brains. Managed properly your brand’s online Beauty and Brains form an always-on Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience technology powered ecosystem for your business to capitalized on in so many different ways.

Its time to be thinking about what initiatives you can create by using great design, strategy and technology in all its forms to make your entire online ecosystem impressively effective in engaging the minds of your target audiences. Forget the canned pick-up lines that we all see on too many homepages and online ads. Invent and test new ways to establish meaningful interactions with your potential leads and clients. This combination of learning from small-steps forward will produce both incremental early-on and major long-term gains to your organization's success.

Let’s Start with the basics

  • Are your Social Media Posts being seen and starting new conversations online?
  • Is your Content Being Downloaded and Shared?
  • Do you know which of Your web pages are being visited next after your Homepage?
  • How Frequently do you Blog, Podcast or Create a new Video post and how are you promoting them to be seen?
  • Have you aligned your Target Audiences (Personas) with your Content Topic Clusters and supporting SEO / SEM?

Know that achieving these items all take time, money and effort, but stop to think about how much revenue and the number of new customers you are missing out on by not achieving these online basics to grow your online presence. Here are some current “Stats and Benchmarks” that will help you begin to calculate the magnitude of what you may be missing out on… 2018 being more online now stats

Why Google is passing by your Website?

It’s now a well-established fact that Google Search must be considered when planning any online Marketing and/or Sales strategy. Both Google's Paid and Organic results increasingly reward the quality and accuracy of the intent and match of your Ads and Web pages. I am sure you have experienced this yourself; Google has become very good at delivering the best search results for their 3.5 billion searches per day. In fact, you will actually pay considerably more per-click if you publish poor quality content (and click-bait ad copy) regardless of the bid strategy or maximum bid cost you have established for your marketing campaigns.

People like Rand Fishkin (Founder of MOZ) have been working for decades and still do not fully understand all the technical underpinnings of the Search Engines’ decision-making processes. Thankfully, the good news is if you focus on providing the highest quality answers, information and provide a great website experience for your visitors across all device-types Google will take notice and reward your efforts naturally and exponentially.

Growing Your Web Appeal

Here is my personal top-ten list of non-technical steps you should already be working on to get your Brand's messages “well-ranked” on the Search Engines consistently...

  1. Explain the “What” your promoting in the first few words of any Ad, Website or Landing page.
  2. Make your brand’s key touch-points part of the “Why” they should do business with you.
  3. Use Analytics tools to find what people like best about you online…
  4. Surprise Returning Visitors (and Google) with fresh Content at least once a month.
  5. Always strive to teach “surfers” something new with your posts and updates.
  6. Organize your Website Content by Topic Clusters and for each target Stage of the Buyer’s Journey.
  7. Use the "How to" to encourage the benefits of exchanging of Information with engaged visitors. In web-speak, you will be achieving "Conversions." Successful Search Matches matter a lot financially to both you and Google.
  8. Get a little technical, Grade your Website’s Speed, Construction and Security with HubSpot’s Web Grader…
  9. Does Google know that your Business has Website? Start by adding a NAP (Name, Address, Place) listing on Google My Business ...
  10. Learn to use Google’s free Digital Marketing tool-set to impress your friends and co-workers…

So whose Desktop will these top-ten tasks (and much more) fall on?

  • Who is developing your plan to keep your content timely and fresh?
  • How will you do determine the cadence and budget for this work that needs to completed?
  • What Technologies should you implement this Fall, in the New Year and beyond to accomplish and track your progress, so you don’t waste lots of time and money flying blind?
  • Can you currently calculate the cost and traffic source allocations for Cost Per Lead, Per Conversion and Cost Per Customer for management planning and reporting purposes?
  • What are you doing to unify agreed goals, terminology and metrics criteria between your Marketing and Sales efforts?
  • Where in your timeline do to plan to research and develop advanced (or even current with the times) Marketing Automation, Machine Learning and other technologies to increase reach, cost / time efficiencies, lead nurturing and re-marketing capabilities to your Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience ecosystem?

The truth is these “to-dos” should NEVER land on just one person’s desktop. Don’t be one of the 14,176 companies that are currently searching for a Jane or Jack of all-Digital Skill-sets (aka, a Digital Marketing Manager) in one person. The availability, cost and real-world bandwidth of these Digital Unicorns is rare find (if not mythical) and most companies of any size are better served by a cross-functional team of right and left brained employees, freelancers and/or a set of well-tuned service providers collaborating as a high-performance team.

My own greatest Digital Marketing Successes have come from well led collaborations between in-house and out-sourced creators, strategists and technicians and not ever from sourcing the entire operation to one person, no matter how talented they seem on their resume, LinkedIn profile or interviews. 

A Realistic Appraisal of Your Options

In just under 1,000 words I have given you what most would consider a valuable look into a first phase process for making almost any type of company’s Online Presence far less Superficial, more Engaging and... Most importantly MORE Valuable!

It’s not just a theory either, consulting firms like McKinsey have shown that under performing Digital Marketing companies are leaving millions of dollars of value compared to their higher performing competitors. McKinsey There is much money and enduring brand value to be gained in being More Online Now.

As I am finish writing this, I am curious if anyone reading this Blog wakes up most mornings passionate about creating amazing Customer Experiences for your potential, current and returning customers online? Most likely not many, I am guessing you have a full life beyond your website and a business and personal obligations that you need to keep focusing on.

So, the question remains… How and What are you going do today and tomorrow in 2019 and 2020 to be More Online Now?

Hint, hint…

Please let me know if enjoyed this post and any comments you have.  Let us know If MORE Online NOW LLC can help achieve your goals to make your Online Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience substantially more meaningful and effective.

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