Asking for the Sale in the Age of the Internet

Posted by Douglas W. Richardson on Dec 13, 2018 3:33:10 PM

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Why are about 75% of your customers or clients intentionally hiding from you during their Purchase Decision Making process?  Even if you don’t see them, your products and/or services will never be considered, if your potential customers don’t find you in the right place, with the correct message, at the right time asking for their business.

My premise for this month’s blog is that because technology is playing a much greater role in the time-honored tradition of “Asking for the Sale” or "Buy Now" (technically speaking), we must rethink when, where and how we ask for the commitment to become a new customer. 

Think of the role the Internet now plays in shopping for a new car. To be an industry leader today you must take full advantage of the technology conduits available to your business.  Establishing a Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience Ecosystem provides your organization with the tools and ability to conduct business with for the most part anonymous online shoppers trying to learn with some degree of accuracy what the next steps should be to advance the sales relationship and complete the purchase with you business. 

This year turned an increasingly critical eye on some of the tactics that Facebook, Google, Amazon and others use to rig their online experiences to win your Attention, Engagement, Perceptions,Trust and Commitment for whatever their online advertising clients are trying to pitch too you. This was at the silent disadvantage of lesser competitors who have not yet chosen to implemented these almost mind-reading like advanced digital tool-sets. Some of which you can now purchase, configure and put to use in your own Sales and Marketing efforts in less than an hour's time. 

To a great extent this Digital Landscape is the now the home playing field for the world's most successful “Marketers.”  Don’t get me wrong, there is much more to modern day Marketing and Sales than just Machine Learning application technologies, but its hard to argue with Google, Amazon and Facebook's financial success building and employing these very smart applications.

I explain it this way…

You can have the world’s best Product or Content online, but if you lack the technology and Know-how no one will ever see it. Conversely, you can spend a fortune on technology but if you don’t have great content and  matching digital strategies, no one will respond to it. 

Regardless of the type of Product, Customer Type or Length of the Sales Cycle, the Marketing and Sales Customer Experience is now being powered by a landscape of several thousand Technologies that are leading the charge in revenue generation from online sources and leads. A well-built technology-stack engages far better and more often  with each buyer’s journey then we ever could as stand alone human beings. Just type any website URL from your own to Amazon’s into the Built-With website to see what technology is at work behind any given website's "Smarts" …

The success metrics will vary for each company, but If your Online Ecosystem lacks these technologies, your leaving as much as 100% of the Marketing and Sales process for your business to chance. Too many companies learn this too late when a disruptive competitor or newcomer enters a market and captures your Market share from this hidden Purchase Decision Making process and a very real market for your products and services. These technologies can lead you to ask the right sales closing questions and send the perfect offer at the right time to an otherwise anonymous, yet confirmed interested online audience member. 

Switching to the Human side of this discussion, for best results your entire organization needs to have an at least Macro level of understanding and involvement in the increasing importance of adding and using more intelligence (and capable) technologies to your Brand’s Online Presence. Getting your entire team involved also creates a valuable authenticity that cannot be faked by outsourced authorship of communicating your message and offerings through these increasingly important digital conduits and tool-sets, like Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Automation and Account Based Management. 

Your Online Presence will only be as smart, authentic and on-target as you manage it to become. 

  • To launch a Digital Transformation correctly requires a lot of organizational courage. Its not easy to call your baby (aka, website) “Ugly” but that's a call that may be needed to get the process started.

  • Support and Confirm your theories throughout this process by Monitoring Web Traffic, Lead, Opportunity and Customer Behavior on and off line. These “Insights” help you draw conclusions, test theories and react appropriately to interest in your business from potential customers you have never met and don’t yet know their name, email or phone number. The good news is that there are now several ways to engage with the 75% hidden portion of the consumer's Product Research. pre-purchase phase,

  • There is also a major quotient of “you don’t know, what you don’t know or are missing out on.”  in any initiative to advance your Digital Marketing and Sales capabilities.  I still learn something new each and every day. 

To help illustrate and pinpoint where your Organization is on this technology infused journey, I created a matrix of five key milestones that most experts look to on the technical-side of Digital Transformation...

Five Stages Graphic


Accomplishing these five-stages are a journey, a quest and the destination is most certainly a moving target, but even a single-digital percentage improvement in one or more of the key metrics in a lead generation effort can translate into millions of dollars of new revenue to your Company’s bottom-line.

I don't want to throw any shade on Traditional Sales and Marketing tactics in this blog post. The book by Jeb Blount  Fanatical Prospecting: The Ultimate Guide for Starting Sales Conversations and Filling the Pipeline by Leveraging Social Selling, Telephone, E-Mail, and Cold Calling does a wonderful job explaining the many synergies found between Digital and Analog Marketing and Sales strategies / tactics.  Most Customers still prefer the availability of both options.     

To sum up what I see as an imperative for organizations to adopt this Digital Growth Mindset.

Technology is now the key to uncovering the most accurate and cost effective way available to take your potential customers from unaware of you and your solution to their specific need through your content and  hopefully, close the sales at a predicable pace and price-point. How you accomplish this for your organization is as unique as any problem or opportunity you will encounter in Business today.

As for the future, there is evidence that the strength of the recent U.S. economy has allowed a lot of organizations to postpone (or coast  on) this Digital Transformation journey. In fact,'s most recent survey indicates about 75% of Businesses lack a high-performing  Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience ecosystem.

In last month's blog, I created and presented a Digital Marketing and Sales S.W.O.T. Analysis that will help almost any type of organization see where you fall on the quest to produce consistently profitable levels of Leads, Opportunities and Deals from sustainable sources of Web traffic and levels of engagement to fill your sales pipeline.

If this blog has peaked your interest, Great!! Thank you and I wish you all the best for the New Year! I welcome the opportunity to "Ask for the Sale" and show your team how best to take full advantages of building your own Digital Sales Lead Generation Machine.  Let our Company help you become More Online Now and know how, when where to Ask for the Sale more intelligently.   Like...

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